Journal of WTO and China

  • Foreign Direct Investment by Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises,the Impact of the Financial Crisis and Recession,and Challenges Ahead

    Karl P.Sauvant;Wolfgang A.Maschek;Geraldine McAllister;

    <正>The global market for foreign direct investment(FDI) has undergone significant changes in recent years,with the increasingly important role played by emerging market multinational enterprises(MNEs) being one of the most important among them.While outward FDI(OFDI) from these countries,in itself,is not new, the magnitude that this development has achieved has raised a host of issues,which we will examine in this volume.And we find there is a basic fact:countries do not look at FDI as an end in itself.Rather,it is seen as a tool to advance their development, be it as a home country or host country.As part of that,FDI is a powerful means to help countries in their integration into the world economy.In addition,economic development through integration into the world economy is one of the means by which countries lift themselves out of poverty.

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  • Assessing the Impact of China's WTO Accession:Hard way of integration,miraculous achievements

    <正>This article provides a brief account of China's persistent efforts to integrate with the world economy with the objective of breaking off the vestige of historical trade discrimination against China that had lasted for centuries and creating a harmonious environment to achieve the WTO objective of raising the standard of living, ensuring full employment,steady growing income and effective demand,developing full use of resources and expansion of production of products and trade.The accession to the WTO marked a milestone of China's remarkable success in the integration process notwithstanding the remaining discriminatory measures that will phase out in the next few years.This will turn a new leaf in China's international economic and trade relations.The open policy culminating in the WTO accession has transformed China from a closed centrally planned economy into a most open,dynamic socialist market economy.It is emerging as the world second largest economy and one of the largest trading countries.China has stronger desire than any country in preserving an open multilateral trading system given its long history of being subject to discrimination and will have a greater role to play in maintaining balanced sustainable growth of the global economy.China's miraculous economic growth of the past thirty years is attributable to the successful market-oriented reform and liberal foreign investment policy.China is by far the most rapidly growing export market and one of the most attractive investment destinations for the world,particularly the top players such as the United States,the European Union and Japan.The way forward should be that China and the world trading community work together to create a win-win environment, a sustainable multilateral trading system that will automatically adapt the fast changing structures of the global economy.

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  • Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillovers:Evidence from China's manufacturing industry

    <正>FDI will cause technological advance in host industry by its spillover effects.The approaches of technology spillover include horizontal spillover and vertical spillover.Most scholars do research on the two kinds of spillover effects separately. Therefore,by using panel data and Malquist index of China's manufactuting industry, this paper analyses the two spillover effects of FDI on China's manufacturing industry in one frame in order to test scientifically the spillover effects of FDI on China's manufacturing industry.

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  • China and Outsourcing Offshore in the 21st Century:the Next Ten Years

    Joseph F.Greco;

    <正>In light of the current global economic slowdown and the concentrated efforts of the Chinese government to invest in the outsourcing industry,this study focuses on two critical issues for future growth over the next ten years:the fragmentation of the Chinese outsourcing industry and the shortage of business personnel with international business skills.After a literature review that,for the first time,integrates the Chinese studies with global research,we summarize the current state of out-sourcing offshore and the potential in the Chinese economy.We then analyze the out-sourcing industry using a general equilibrium model requiring partner search with service providers by final producers from East and West,focusing on two key variables directly related to the issue of Chinese industrial fragmentation:the service provider location and final producer search function.We then draw implications related to China's future outsourcing efforts and policy changes that address the issue of industrial fragmentation.

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  • China's Continuing March Towards Equal Treatment in the International Trading System

    Murray Gibbs;

    <正>The process that led to the opening of in the 19th century entangled China in a system of non-reciprocity and discrimination against its trade which marked Chinese attitudes to international trade relations.After the establishment of the People's Republic discriminatory trade provisions were again erected against China. In 1980 China launched a broad strategy aimed at becoming a full and equal member of the international trading system culminating in its accession to the WTO in 2001.However,China still combats discrimination on a daily basis.This paper examines the historical background,traces the post-1980 strategy pursued by China,and assesses the extent to which China has successfully eliminated most of the discriminatory measures affecting its trade and describes actions taken to eliminate the last vestiges of such discrimination.

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  • The Role of Government in Responding to Foreign CVD Investigations:Shenzhen's Experiences

    <正>The paper probes into a series of meaningful and constructive work accomplished by Shenzhen government on foreign CVD investigations.Specifically, this paper analyzes the characteristics of CVD investigations for Shenzhen and the harmful impact of CVD investigation.It evaluates the major investigated subsidy programs in foreign CVDs against Chinese imports and discusses how to avoid CVD cases effectively and analyzes the principal measures taken by Shenzhen in dealing with CVD investigations concretely.The paper concludes that these works not only promoted the implementation of China's WTO commitments,but also contributed to boost Shenzhen economic and social development and internationalization.

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  • China as a Market Economy after 2016:Lower Margins of Discretion?

    Rodrigo L.Pupo;

    <正>This article examines below how the imposition of countervailing measures against Chinese products and the extension of antidumping duties by sunset reviews are expected after 2016,when China will be granted market economy status by the entire WTO community according to its Protocol of Accession.And the result shows that subsidy investigations and sunset reviews of antidumping duties are likely to play a more important role than original dumping investigations in the next years. China will now have to demonstrate that its long and intense preparation in the WTO dispute settlement system,heavily focused on trade remedy disputes,was not in vain.

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